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After over 20 years in the boating industry as a designer, engineer, and owner/captain of a commercial fishing vessel, Gary Nordtvedt founded NORSTAR BOATS, INC. in 1995. A second-generation yacht designer and builder (his father, Art Nordtvedt, designed and built Uniflite boats in the 1960s) Nordtvedt's goal in founding his own company was to work together with Norstar's crew and owners to build the highest quality boats possible.

Norstar's dedication to this goal has only intensified in the subsequent years. And while Norstar remains committed to excellence, the Norstar crew has set its sights on a new goal: to be the most "user-friendly" boat manufacturers around.
Although Norstar can build you its standard boat, a "standard" boat has yet to come out of Norstar's yard. Instead, Norstar has tailored each boat to its owners' specific needs, whatever they may be. Working together, the owners and Norstar's crew have made both big and small modifications to the standard designs; the results of this unique collaborative effort have made the company nimbler and the owners happier.

You will also find that Norstar's reputation for following a no-nonsense sales and service policy is very well deserved. In fact, it's reflective of Norstar's belief that communicating directly and honestly is the only way to do business.